Jeniece Faranso

Work: (248) 419-3187
West Bloomfield
6960 Orchard Lake, Suite 150
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Get to Know Jeniece Faranso

Jeniece Faranso is not only a Licensed Realtor with the #1 Broker in the State of Michigan but works under the top producing office within that brokerage where she is armed with a solid foundation of resources and relationships that enable her to achieve her goals in delivering nothing short of 100% client satisfaction!

In Her Shoes:

As a victim of loss, Jeniece was forced to bite off more than she could chew at a young age when she lost her father to a sudden massive stroke. Meanwhile, Jeniece found a true love for the market when she invested in her first piece of real estate at just 25 years old. After fighting three hard years for a discharge from her fathers estate along with the stress, misery, and chaos that came with it, Jeniece was finally able to pursue her life path as a Michigan Real Estate Agent.

Yet All Wasn't For Naught.

As a former business owner, Jeniece is familiar with fluctuating consumer demands and its impact on the marketplace. Her experience, albeit taxing, has equipped her with strategies needed to coast through market lows and reap the benefits of market highs, the same strategies she extends to her own clients as they make decisions to buy and sell real estate.

The Artist

As a self-taught artist, Jeniece has a knack for using creativity when faced with roadblocks and understands there are numerous ways to solve one problem.

As a token of her appreciation, clients walk away from the closing table with a custom painting hand done by the Artist and Realtor herself.

Spreading Knowledge:

As a former College English Tutor, Jeniece is dedicated to exercising patience to ensure a full understanding of the subject at hand.

As a Michigan State University Undergraduate, Jeniece’s greatest asset is her undying desire to learn and her enthusiasm to spread all she knows of the latest Real Estate news, market updates, principles, and processes.

The Realtor

Jeniece views her work as a Realtor less like a job that needs to get done and more like a duty she owes to her surroundings: a duty to her clients, as well as the communities they reside, and most importantly, the lifelong duty she owes to herself to be able to support her family by doing what she loves!

What Sets Her A Part?

Jeniece doesn't measure the value of a sale by the amount of money it generates but by the knowledge she provides and the relationships she builds along the way.

Who's your* Realtor?